Our promise:

Travel Secrets promises 10% to 30% or more discount off the lowest available hotel rates compared to those on the major hotel booking sites, for up to half of the over 100,000 hotels worldwide we list. See sample savings for all hotel categories.

Club membership is free. We only ask those members who take advantage of these savings, to share them with their family, friends, and work colleagues, enabling us to reduce our marketing costs and thereby work at lower markups.

Who we are:

Travel Secrets is a members-only travel club, offering a full range of travel services at unbelievable prices. Currently, we are only offering hotels, but flights will be available soon.

TravelSecrets.com led the way to reliable low-cost flight bookings in 1995, by offering the first global online consolidator airfare booking system, well before Google or Expedia existed (all founded in 1998). It took off like a rocket, until the giants, Expedia and Priceline took over in the 2020s.

The newly relaunched Travel Secrets Travel Club is focused on providing hotel booking, with an instant standard 10% to 30% discount (or more) of the lowest hotel rates available on major hotel booking sites. Up to you to select from the free cancellation, prepayment, book now-pay later, or pay at check-out offers.

Anyone can be a Travel Secrets member for FREE, as long as they take advantage of our offerings and refer Travel Secrets to their family, friends, and colleagues, once they are happy with the savings and wide selection. Cutting out advertising costs, and working on low margins and high volume, is how we are able to make a profit.

Our Team and Partners

We are a small team of travel experts and pioneers in the online travel space, with over 150 years of combined experience in the travel industry.  We focus on sourcing some of the best hotels and resorts program partners worldwide, so you’ll always find a selection of chic city breaks, beautiful country getaways and gorgeous beach retreats.

What we do

Periodically, you will receive newsletters from us, containing our current best offers from around the world. The rooms the hotels allocated to us at the specially negotiated prices, may change from one day to another or even throughout the day. Certainly, during peak travel periods, rooms will be scarce.

Why our members love Travel Secrets…

  • We do all the research legwork, ensuring the most low-cost and reliable hotel booking arrangements, so you can simply sit back and relax. 
  • Best rates available, with discounts of up to 50% from the lowest hotel rates available on major hotel booking sites.
  • A luxurious selection of city breaks, beach holidays, skiing, rural retreats & more
  • Enjoy peace of mind with credit card payment protection, and customer care when you need it
  • Membership is absolutely free

They trust us

We carefully hand-pick quality hotels to ensure an outstanding experience and value for money for our members.

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